A fiery romance!

Vengeance's Fire - Alaina Stanford, Bala Vignesh

Kendra had not seen Cap in more than 6 months. He was a Helijet Pilot in her Majesties Air Forces stationed in the capital city of Borel. Kendra was an Empathic Healer living deep in the mountainous wilderness. As Kendra prepares to travel to the Northern Mountains to the Empathic Wilderness Survival Center with a group of students Cap suddenly appears prepared to make the 2-week trek through the mountains with them. Could his motive reach beyond merely recovering the abandoned helijet discovered near the Survival Center? As they travel into the mountains, they realize the forest creatures appear to be leaving the mountains and heading toward the lower lands. Kendra's blood runs cold as the realizes that 'Frenzy' ma time when the giant creatures that roam the mountains turn crazed with hunger and devour every warm blooded beast in their path. As Cap and Kendra's romance begins to blossom once more, they soon come to realize the mountains hold a horrifying secret, which could lead to the end of the Empathic way of life as well as their own. A threat that that legends have foretold.