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Seven-Year Rule - Alaina Stanford

Beth and Josh befriend a young couple. Whitney and Mason's life was perfect. They scoffed at the idea of the seventh year of marriage being the make it or break it year for most couples. That theory didn't apply to them. They were the perfect couple. Their brand new house overlooked the lake. Their brand new cars were state of the art. Their careers were taking off at an accelerated rate. Their sex life was incredible. Their lives were exactly the way they intended. Perfect. When Whitney's widower brother-in-law dies, leaving them three small children, their perfect lives are torn apart. Raising children was never part of their plan. Raising children requires sacrifice. Sacrifice they never intended to make. Sacrifice that could bring an end to their perfect way of life. Sacrifice that could bring an end to their perfect marriage. Sacrifice, that if not done correctly could bring an end to a child's life.